Whether you are a small business or a medium enterprise, Global Sense can manage your IT and telephony resources, support your end users, and protect your network and data. And by unloading the IT burden from your corporation you can focus on core business, regain lost productivity and can focus better on expanding and growing the business.

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Our team understands that no two businesses are alike, that’s why we partner with our customers to develop efficient and cost effective IT, telephony, cloud-based, network, and software implementation solutions that help you optimise your business. As a professional Information Technology services company, Global Sense has maintained its...

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Global Sense Voice, a sensible choice for businesses that want cost-effective, carrier-grade enterprise voice services with long-term sustainability in the converged world of IP telephony. Global Sense Voice is a  voice service that is leading the switch to IP, offering seamless migration from conventional voice to SIP and Geographic Number...

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud backups powered by Redstor (formerly known as Attix 5) and using Global Sense’s cloud infrastructure, is a service offering from Global Sense Hosting which delivers a secure automated backup system for the data stored on company servers and desktops\laptops. It relieves overburdened IT staff from the chore of tape backup and...

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MS Cloud

The Microsoft Cloud is a secure solution that can listen, learn and predict, turning data into actionable insight that enhances business opportunities. Empower your organization to unlock greater insights, transform...

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Measure of the extent to which the components (nodes) of a network are connected to one another, and the ease (speed) with which they can 'converse.' 

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Many companies feel they cannot afford an IT support contract and try to deal with issues when they arise in order to save money. Other business do not like being tied down to contracts for a service that is...

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Cloud Backups

Cloud storage has been around for a number of years. Backup to cloud has become a viable and necessary option for individuals, SOHO's and enterprises for a number of reasons. 

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Global Sense has assisted a number of companies to improve their Cyber Security Profile.  Find out how we can help improve the security of your business.

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