Global Sense has assisted a number of companies to improve their Cyber Security Profile. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Perimeter security gateway: Global Sense has implemented and maintains FortiGate, Watchguard, Dell SonicWall and Mikrotik.
  • Anti-Virus: Global Sense has been an ESET reseller for a number of years.
  • VLAN’s: It has become increasingly important to segregate devices on the LAN in order to protect production environments from guest Wi-Fi, 3rd party devices like CCTV, alarms, printers and other IOT devices.
  • Virtualization: Workload virtualization has become an important tool in ensuring business continuity and smaller RTO’s on case of disaster.
  • End user education: We have seen a significant increase in phishing and spoofing attacks with high levels of sophistication and company knowledge. It is vitally important to educate the IT end user.
  • Patch management and updates: Global Sense has been using Solarwinds (previously N-Able) to update, manage and patch network devices.
  • IT policies and procedures: All companies should have IT policies and procedures. We have helped a number of companies to establish and implement these.


Working from home has become the new reality. But how do you monitor, manage and control how your employees interact with the web and corporate data when not connected to the VPN.  Enter Netskope.

Netskope has revolutionised working from home, or anywhere for that matter.  Netskope provides the same policies, granular control and monitoring as you would get from the officeUTM and periphery firewall.

Global Sense has assisted a number of companies to deploy Netskope in their environments, replacing the necessity for VPN’s