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The Cloud Compute offering from Zadara lets you build, deploy, run, and virtualize any application. It offers pay-as-you-use, consumption-based (100% OpEx) pricing, to help you control and optimize your spending (zero hidden transport fees: free ingress and egress). The technology includes easy, self-service provisioning, using predefined and fully customizable instances, auto-scaling to adapt resource utilization to meet changing requirements, virtual machine snapshots for easy and convenient backup of VM-based data, and EC2 compatible APIs.

Service Calculator

With the calculator, you can obtain pricing details based on the expected quantities you will consume 


Manage your virtualized infrastructure through an easy-to-use web-based dashboard. Monitoring and detailed reports to track and manage resources.


Cloud Compute gives enterprise customers the ability to consume services the exact same way they consume in the public cloud using AWS-compatible APIs.


Global Sense provides a number of Virtual Machine (VM) images ready to use. Alternatively, you can create your own image as needed.


In conjunction with Zadara Storage, you can create snapshots of the VMs in the Cloud Compute cluster, and use these snapshots to restore any VM if necessary.


The purpose of a Load Balancer is to route traffic based on the application or its network requirements and distribute the amount of compute and/or networking power as necessary.


Use a web-based GUI and REST API to set up your Cloud Compute infrastructure in minutes.


Scaling compute resources automatically in Cloud Compute ensures high availability, performance, and efficient resource utilization. With Cloud Compute, you can define the policy, and resource utilization will be optimized to reduce costs while ensuring performance and availability.

MS Azure

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. Azure is a collection of intergrated cloud services, Including but not limited to Analytics, Computing, Databases, Mobile, Networking, Storage and Web

MS Office 365

Is a Subscription plan application that has all your office applications, word, excel, outlook, as well as offers features including and not limited to include services such as Skype for Business web conferencing and Exchange Online hosted email for business, and additional online storage with OneDrive for Business.

Skype for Business

An application that allows you to collaborate with anyone, anywhere, on any device. All this under the security and control of Microsoft.

There isn’t a solution we cannot install.

Infrastructures – We install:

• CAT6 Networks, Wi-Fi, CCTV and Access Control.
• Fibre uplinks & Switch links.


• MOLEX Connected Enterprise Solutions Certified Installers.


• Experienced teams of installers.
• Tiered installation structure.

Infrastructure Configurations:

• Connectivity, routing, firewalls managed switches and Wi-Fi controllers, your network and infrastructure will be configured to run at optimum performance and stability.

And more:

• Supply UPS and Inverter Solutions to ensure uptime of your infrastructure, end-to-end.
• Network and cabinet clean-ups.


As an Ad-hoc support client, we offer 4–8 hour response support by our dedicated team of engineers to assist you with any application issues you experience. You will have access to our excellent solutions including once off special projects and consultation. Our team of experts are here to improve your IT infrastructure and safeguard the future of your business without being restricted by a contract.

Global Sense can help you keep support simple and cost-effective; you choose the number of IT support hours to purchase in advance from our price plan. All our Ad-hoc clients have access to their own support desk to track the support time that has been used and how many are left. Flexible and affordable support for your business.

Service Calculator

With the calculator, you can obtain pricing details based on the expected quantities you will consume 


Desktop Ad-hoc Support – Call Out to Site = R150
Desktop Ad-hoc Support – Per Hour Rate = R450


We provide hassle-free IT Support for SME’s with between 5 and 100 Users!
• Pro-active IT Support model.
• Automated call logging.
• General workstation maintenance, housekeeping & user support.
• Upgrade and install workstation equipment and software as requested.
• Complex fault finding and troubleshooting.
• Workstation performance optimization.
• Standardization of workstation performance.
• Reinstallation of workstation software if hardware has been repaired or replaced.
• Asset management.

Server Support SLA

With our Service Level Agreements, we provide you with a low-risk, flexible environment for you to manage your total cost of ownership and improve application performance, availability, and reliability.

Providing IT services means staying up to date with rapid technological changes and managing a client/server environment that is complex. The experience, capabilities, and life cycle approach of Global Sense IT can be tailored to meet the needs of your project or your existing network and desktop infrastructure, at the appropriate point in time. To support your network and desktop environment, we offer full network and desktop services. You can select individual capabilities or combine them to create a more comprehensive solution.


• Pro-active IT Support model.
• Automated call logging.
• Regular server maintenance.
• Inspection of security events and application logs.
• Server administration, creating users.
• Troubleshooting of server hardware and software.
• Apply approved software updates and service patches.
• Complex fault-finding and troubleshooting.
• Virus protection management using ESET for network user.
• Optimisation of server performance.
• Backup / Disaster Recovery Plan.

We offer S3 compatible cloud storage backed by Zadara, the market leader in providing managed on- premisses S3 object storage, block storage and computes nodes using their proprietary software-defined storage technology. This ensures an exceptionally high level of availability and performance. The infrastructure is hosted at Xneelo in Samrand. Xneelo provides redundant power, vendor-neutral connectivity, climate control, fire protection, physical and virtual security. The data centre is in close proximity to both Johannesburg and Pretoria, making ingestion and ex-gestation of large data sets easier and reduce the RTO window after a disaster.

Service Calculator

With the calculator, you can obtain pricing details based on the expected quantities you will consume 


We supply both hosted and on site PABX solutions. Global Sense Voice is a carrier class voice service that is leading the switch to IP, offering seamless migration from conventional voice to SIP and Geographic Number Portability from other networks. It offers sustained savings on all call charges within South Africa and is integrated with the largest global voice carrier network.

Hardware & Software Sales

Global Sense offers clients access to a wide range of best-in-class hardware and software products to help you create the most advanced technology environment for your needs, allowing your business to increase productivity and enhance efficiencies.

IT Security

Global Sense is driven in ensuring IT Security is at its best. We supply various solutions based on a combination of ESET Anti-Virus as well as Fortinet and Netskope Technologies.


Global Sense is a proud reseller of Fibre and Wireless internet solutions, partnered through VOX, BitCo & Liquid Telecoms.

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