As a Support Service client, our dedicated team of engineers are here to assist you with any application issues you experience. You will have access to our excellent solutions including once off special projects and consultation. Our team of experts are here to improve your IT infrastructure and safe guard the future of your business without being restricted by a contract.

Global Sense can help you keep support simple and cost-effective; you choose the number of IT support hours to purchase in advance from our price plan. All our Support Services clients have access to their own support desk to track the support time that has been used and how many are left. Flexible and affordable support for you to select between 1 to 4 site visits per week.



Desktop Support Service –Call Out to Site = R150
Desktop Support Service –Per Hour Rate = R450


We provide hassle-free IT Support for SME’s with between 5 and 100 Users!
Pro-active IT Support model.
Automated call logging.
General workstation maintenance, housekeeping & user support.
Upgrade and install workstation equipment and software as requested.
Complex fault finding and troubleshooting.
Workstation performance optimization.
Standardization of workstation performance.
Reinstallation of workstation software if hardware has been repaired or replaced.
Asset management.



With our Service Level Agreements, we provide you with a low-risk, flexible environment for you to manage your total cost of ownership and improve application performance, availability, and reliability.

Providing IT services means staying up to date with rapid technological changes and managing a client/server environment that is complex. The experience, capabilities, and life cycle approach of Global Sense IT can be tailored to meet the needs of your project or your existing network and desktop infrastructure, at the appropriate point in time. To support your network and desktop environment, we offer full network and desktop services. You can select individual capabilities or combine them to create a more comprehensive solution.


Pro-active IT Support model.
Automated call logging.
Regular server maintenance.
Inspection of security events and application logs.
Server administration, creating users.
Troubleshooting of server hardware and software.
Apply approved software updates and service patches.
Complex fault-finding and troubleshooting.
Virus protection management using ESET for network user.
Optimisation of server performance.
Backup/Disaster Recovery Plan.



With the calculator, you can obtain pricing details based on the expected quantities you will consume.

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